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Take My Wife, Please, AND the Nude Wife Photos

elin-nordegren-nude-2-cutThere are many men’s magazines on the market today that encourage the men to send in their nude wife photos. This is so they can hold contests among the readers to see who is the most beautiful and sexiest of the entries. It’s surprising just how many women agree to pose for these photos, knowing that millions of strange men will be looking at them.

On the other hand, many of these women have harbored dreams of appearing in such magazines as Playboy. Maybe they have even dreamed of being that centerfold that men of all ages hang up in their rooms and masturbate to. Nude wife photos can actually help bring those dreams to reality in certain ways. They will certainly be admired by men all over the world and they will be appreciated in a sexual way.

To a lot of women, the idea of men jacking off to their naked photos is a high compliment as well as a turn on. Just this thought might make them strike even sexier poses for the camera as their husbands snap the winning shots. It is something that makes these husbands puff up with pride. They know that their wives are going to be lusted after by strange men from everywhere, yet those wives belong only to them.

Nude wife photos are in great demand for these publications but they are also taken just for the fun of it. Many married couples set up actual photo shoots just to spice things up a bit between them. The wife is, of course, seductively dressed in the beginning but by the final frames, she is fully naked and posing in cock achingly sexy poses for the camera.

Posing nude for their husbands makes these women feel highly desirable, especially when their husbands ravage them following these shoots for nude wife photos. It’s probably better than foreplay for the men as they get to view the best parts of their wives through the camera lens. In fact, they are probably hard before they even get very far into the shoot.

Men who take nude photos of their wives are quite proud of the women they married. They want others to also know that these amazingly sexy women found THEM hot enough to marry. They like to show off these exciting women and will probably feel pride rather than rage when other men also get hard while looking at these photos.

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